Getting Disney Fit

Now, this isn’t going to be some blog about New Year’s resolutions, mostly. This is about the planning I am doing to get ready for my 2019 trip and sharing it all with you.

What a lot of people don’t realise is just how tiring going to Disney World can be. On average, you are going over 10 miles a day, at least from my previous experiences and tracking, this is undoubtedly the case. Some parks are more of a walk than others, I’m looking at you Animal Kingdom and Epcot! This takes a lot of people by surprise. The amount of injuries or general fatigue I hear from people who have been at the parks never changes, and it is about time someone outright said so and made people aware of that.

As someone whose focus hasn’t been so much fitness as cake, I’m taking steps to fix this now. I won’t be another victim of the Disney Walking Syndrome. Previous pictures of me at the parks looking like a hot, sweating mess (that will never be shared on social media) will prove that.

I’m not some fitness guru and how you choose to get to your version of “Disney Fit” is up to you, but generally, some kind of cardio/endurance training would be recommended. Lucky for me, my trip isn’t for another 18 months at least, so there is plenty of time to get going. Here is just an example of my gym schedule that is going along with a healthy.

Monday – Cardio (Body Attack) and Strength(Body Pump)

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Core (Body Combat) and Cardio (Body Attack)

Friday – Cardio (Body Attack) and Strength (Grit Strength)

Saturday – Cardio (Body Attack) and Core (Body Balance)

Sunday – Cardio (Body Attack) and Strength (Body Pump)

There are a lot of Body things in there, and those are just the names of the classes I’ll be doing, There is a good mix of cardio, strength and core work in there. Cardio is what will help with the walking endurance, and the rest will help with my overall, non-Disney Fit fitness goals. Also, this isn’t a, I’m starting this tomorrow kind of plan, it will be many months before I’m working at all of them, or I’m going to end up pretty Body Tired very quickly. It is a marathon, not a sprint and to get in the best shape for Disney, has to be done right.

I’ll hopefully do the odd little personal blog post here to keep you up to date on how this regimen is working for me and any tweaks and adjustments to be made along the way. Just remember, a Walt Disney World trip can take it out on you and being prepared is half of the battle. It also means I can devour more food and sweet treats while there as a reward for myself.

Until next time!

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  1. Hi Mark,

    When are you going to Disneyworld and if so, can I come haha. Haven’t been to Disneyworld in over 10 years so desperate to get back.

    It’s good that you are focusing too. One thing I’d suggest is to do cardio everyday. A 10 minute walk each day just so that you don’t get too comfy and give up by Thursday. Just me experience haha.

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    • Thanks!

      Three months in and going strong, hopefully can keep that going. Disneyworld will be a while! Depends what Disney though, looked at a Paris trip this year, it was cheaper to go for two weeks to Florida than it was for three days to Paris minus the actual flights! You would be SO welcomed along to the Florida trips. I’ll have blogs coming up about booking there and how it isn’t as expensive as people may think soon (when I get to book at the end of the month).


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