Blogging and Working Full Time

I’ll set this off, I don’t know how people do it! Blog and work a full-time job. The ideal, the goal, the thing that is driving me up the wall. Outside of this small corner of the internet, I am a full-time Primary Teacher. That means long hours in and out of the classroom day and a general feeling of mental exhaustion some days. Some days, I need to come home to my massive Stitch plush, a good movie and time to switch my brain off. Mix this with a longing desire to have some kind of social life, and there is very little time for much else.


I’ve blogged for years and loved it, written about a variety of subjects. I can never just find time to let everything settle. So, I’m setting some very public goals, because I want this iteration of my web space to do well and keep on keeping on. These five goals will be realistic. One day I’ll look back on this, check them off and set myself a whole new set of goals.



1. Stop comparing myself to other blogs.

There are so many fantastic blogs out there I draw inspiration from and so admire. I need to keep in mind, they have been up, running and established for so long. I’ll get there one day. It will be slow and long, but I will. I need to stop rushing in with having to be the best right away. Otherwise, it isn’t working, and I need to stop. Blame the very Aries nature of my personality for that, if you take stock in such things.


2. Stop checking my analytics.

Numbers. Illusive little numbers on a screen and how to make them larger. It is like going to the gym for weight loss. Chasing a number is never fun and ruins the journey.


3. Write about what I want to.

There is a lot to be said about writing for a niche, I, however, am not a niche. I’ll write my best when it is something I am passionate about. One week it may be Disney, one a blog like this, another something about Glasgow. Whatever I want to write about, I’m going to. There will be an audience for that particular thing.


4. Set a posting/writing schedule.

Right now, at the end of a hectic term, getting out one blog post a week for me is a little out of reach. In busy times, I’m going to aim for two posts in a month. During the time it isn’t as busy, and I may have a little more time, write a few more and schedule them. WordPress has an excellent feature for scheduling posts to be released and resharing older articles that would still be relevant for people to see in the future.


5. Minimize distractions.

As I am writing this, I have another three tabs on this browser open with various YouTube videos waiting for me, a second screen that is split running a move and a chat client. Add to this checking my phone, going for about three cups of tea and reorganising my Tsum Tsum collection. If I have only a limited amount of time to make something work, I need to use that time to the fullest.


There they are, my five personal goals I am sticking to the next little while to make my space here a success in my own eyes. I think if I stick to it (of which I can and I will). I have a blogger’s journal full of ideas that I am excited to share. If it takes a year to do it though? I’m going to take that year.

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