Best and Worst Disney Memories

If you have been to any Disney park, you will have realised how magical a place they can be and the wonderful memories you can make there. So today, I thought I would share my best and sometimes worst memories I have had while at Disney.


While the outcome of this memory may not have been the best, the feelings, the memories of the event always make me smile. It was one of the first times we had ever gone to Disney and my mum, gran and myself were on the teacups. In all honesty, this may be the first ride on my first visit back when I was five. Parents, take note, your kids will remember your visits past a certain age! My mum, being the crazy, wonderful person she is, realised you could spin the cup yourself. She, myself and at times my Gran went a bit crazy spinning it. I just remember the fun we had spinning round and round and the ride went. There was nothing but smiles and laughter as we did it.

Unfortunately, some time after we came off, my Gran really wasn’t feeling too well. Long story short, she ended up in a neck brace. Even though she has since passed, I can still hear her laughter in my head every time I retell this story. My Gran was a wonderful woman, who cared deeply and was always up for a bit of mischief in my eyes. As our next trip is a big milestone event in our Disney trips, the 25th visit to a Disney park we are going to recreate that experience. My mum, myself and a picture of my Gran enjoying the Tea Cup ride. If I can get away with it, it will be the first Disney ride we do.

My first real magical moment happened on my last trip in 2015. My mum and I were enjoying just a few days in WDW and were joined by some very good friends of mine, Elma and Michael. Now to set the scene, over the next few days it would be everyone in our groups birthdays but my own. So they all had badges. Some of them had first visit badges. I was the only one without. We decide to head to Animal Kingdom and the Festival of the Lion King show, simply because it is amazing. Now, on our approach we are met by a couple of wonderful cast members who ask if we are going to the show. We say yes then they say to follow them. We are taken right to the front of the queue, introduced to the next set of cast members as their new friends and that they should take really good care of us.

Well that they did! We were taken to the very front seats, basically a small bench that would only fit us four to enjoy the show. It was an amazing few with great interaction with the performers. One such interaction was yours truly being chosen to lead the elephant section in the most epic trumpet triumphant that has ever graced the stage. Being a teacher, I’m used to making a fool of myself in front of vast amounts of people.


The picture up above is a bit of a sore spot for me. Tigger, my arch Disney enemy, and, in my book the worst Disney villain ever. Hear me out. Same trip, little old innocent, cutesy me meeting one of my favourite characters ever. He was kind, we bounced, he signed my autograph book…then he threw the book and the pen away. Queue five year old me, scrambling behind Tigger for my book, pen and pen lid.

I was so upset he would throw my brand new book and pen away. I am pretty sure I had to be consoled for the next hour in the park then sporadically during the rest of my life. Tigger and I have not been on good terms ever since.

Another not so great a memory was during my first trip to Disneyland, again very young. To this day this memory still gets cast up to me. Basically, we stayed in the park an hour. Apparently, I hated it and was begging to go. What I remember though is being stuck on the Haunted Mansion, backwards, going down a hill, in the dark, with all the spooky things going on around you. I’m sorry, when you are 6, that is blinking terrifying. That is why I remember being grumpy and wanted to leave.

What are your best and worst Disney memories? I would love to read them in the comments!

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