Getting a Cool Night’s Sleep

If you haven’t noticed, it has been warm. Really, really warm as of late, and, we in Scotland aren’t used to it! Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about this lovely weather. I am merely stating a fact, we are not used to, nor acclimatised to this. All of this leading to what I hear the most, people are not sleeping well. Well, to tell you the truth, I have and here are my top tips for a good nights sleep in the heat.


West End sunshine.


1) A Cold Water Bottle

Hear me out on this one. It works. I found this out earlier this year when I had pretty lousy tooth pain. Only things cold and cool were giving me any relief and dealing with damp towels, and ice packs wrapped up in fabric were just getting me so far. I thought I had the cunning and record-breaking idea to fill a hot water bottle with cold water and a little ice, I was wrong. Lots of people do this, not only for tooth pain but to help cool them down at night. Recently I have filled mine as stated and can be found awakening the next morning, cuddling up to it like a baby does do its soft toy. Why am I admitting this? Because it works. It is actually still a little chilly in the morning as well.


2) Drinking Tepid Water

No cold water? *gasp* Yes, heading for that cold glass, ice-filled, droplets of water running down the side seems like the perfect way to cool off. Did you know though, that when you consume something cold, your body has to work extra to bring it up to your body temperature? You are actually heating yourself up a little by having something cold.


3) Switch Off the Plugs!

Charge your phone outside of your bedroom, get those plugs off and away from your room. We all know electronics and plugs can heat up during use. Where is that heat going? Into the air! Making the already warm air, warmer. Turn the plugs off, unplug them and save yourself adding some extra heat into the room.


4) Draw Your Blinds and Curtains During the Day

The sun comes streaming into your room for most of the day, heating it up through the glass. As my mum would say, it makes it look as if there has been a death in the family to have the place shut up during the day, but come night, I have lived for this idea!


City Center in the heat.


5) Open Things Up at Night

Not all night though! Once that sun has gone down, open up the blinds, the windows and let in some fresh, colder air. Don’t keep it open all night though, you’re just asking for a multitude of beasts to come in…and I don’t just mean insects.


6) Consider a Cooling Pillow

I’m someone who usually runs a little hotter when I sleep, and things like this have become a Godsend year round. I’m even convincing others to try these. Sometimes it is a full-on pillow, other times like this JML insert. Go with your budget. I have both and find this one to be decent. May need to flip the pillow every so often but worth it for a continual cool side feeling.

Check out the one I use and recommend here!


7) Lose a Layer

Bed sheets, PJs, I will leave it up to you.


8) Be Selfish

Kick your partner into that spare room.


Almost feels Vegas hot! At least I had AC then.


Some of these are pretty common sense, but adding them all together is giving me some great nights of sleep in this beautiful heatwave. Got any more tips of your own? Post them in the comments.

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