My All Stars Season 4 Picks

With rumours circulating the internet that filming for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4 has begun, speculation is rife about who is in and who is out this year. Here are my top ten picks and hopes for the queens who will be competing this season.


Monét X Change

She was robbed on her season! This is one killer queen who assassinates more than just a lip sync. She was my front-runner for season ten, and when she had to sashay away, I pulled my biggest Courtney Act impression, “NO! You’re making the wrong decision!” If I were a betting man, I would X Change all the spare cash I had for this queen to make it to the finals.



Ru saw a lot of potential in her, be it ego or a lack of memory that got in the way on her departing episode, I’d think she would be given a second chance. After all, isn’t All-Stars partly about redemption (or rudemption) arc storylines? Will this fan favourite have changed her ways and attitude? While no favourite of mine, I’d predict a mid to late exit for her.


Trinity Taylor

It isn’t often I use the word fierce, but it is the only one that applies to Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor. She was strong throughout season nine up until the end when she, unfortunately, started to get a little outperformed by the remaining contestants. I would love to see how far she has come in the time since the season nine final. Another one I’d predict to make it until the end.


Naomi Smalls

Legs for days! The surprising rising star of her season. Another queen I would look forward to seeing how far she has come since.

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choker and pearl necklace, kink.

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Kim Chi

You betta’ Kim Chi that walk! I can’t see Naomi and Kim not being on this together. The drag BFFs are all over each other’s social media. Kim has the most significant potential for growth. While a fantastic makeup artist and overall being able to pull together a visually stunning look there were a few basics that needed to be worked on that endeared her to our hearts, such as walking on a runway.

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Guess where I'm going Hair by @wigsandgrace

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Monique Heart

The heart of season ten left me wanting a transplant at first, since the show though, she has grown on me. I do love the way she addresses the camera, starting with, “America.” Maybe the second time around she will realise a lot of other countries across the world watch as well? She is genuinely hilarious without even realising, need I go into the whole brown cow fabric? Stunning!


Jasmine Masters

How can you not be parodied on the Snatch Game and not have an invite to return? I think that puts you in cult/legendary status does it not? I’m pretty sure she has something to say, and I can’t wait to hear it. While I have a feeling, if this particular line up was to be true, it may be an early exit for dear Jasmine, she will be no less entertaining and deserving of a spot.

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Thanks @billboardpride

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Gia Gunn

G-g-g-Gia! Ru and Drag Race have a ways to go to mend some bridges and fences…and towns over some recent trans comments. What a better way to do this than to turn to some of our well known Trans queens come back and prove a point. Let the boom-boom-gun go off on one. Let us see that fixed eyelash too! After all, as Peppermint said, and I very roughly paraphrase here, Trans is who you are, but drag is what you do.

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Day 4 of #30DAYSINTRANSITION-Drag: This term can mean so many different things to many different people. For me growing up, it meant "Dressing Up As Girls", which is where they got the acronym DRAG. My earliest memories of drag shows included feminine drag queens and trans women. For those of us who are not sure of the difference, a drag queen is typically a male who also identifies as male but dresses up as a woman for pleasure or a job. Whereas a trans woman lives her life every day as a woman and identifies as full female. One may ask, "But if they are women, why are they performing in a drag show"? When we take away gender and sexuality, we are left with just "drag", the art form itself. However, it's important to remember the mentality of the person performing the art is not always the same, even though they are both considered "drag queens." After years of watching my friends get dolled up, it was only time before I was going to get curious. It all started when I was 18 years old and my friend called me and said, "Come on girl, get up in drag, and let’s go to the straight club!" That was the first day I ever went out dressed up as a girl in public. I remember the sense of empowerment that took over my body and immediately affected my overall presence. I had early thoughts of transitioning but could not fathom the reality. I continued to cross dress before I decided to start performing in drag shows. My love for performing and getting done up as a girl was rising once again but unlike the Japanese dance when I was a kid, this felt even more magical. I was given an opportunity to prove myself to the community that I was fierce and soon after my debut, my drag career took off. I was headlining in all of the major clubs in Chicago’s Boystown and winning several bar pageants within Chicago's drag community. After 3 years my photographer at the time, @nestorsphotography , convinced me to audition for RuPaul’s Drag Race. He saw something in me that I obviously didn't see in myself and pushed me to overcome my fears and lack of confidence. I submitted my tape and received a call back that I was casted! 🎥 in my bio! 📸: @davidelaffe 💄: @gottmik

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Farrah Moan

Xtina comes out and there’s a whole joke about how they both look alike. Hello?! How can she now not be in for contention for a spot? I do hope though she has worked on her comedy routines, or, that there are no comedy challenges this season. A young queen who has probably come a long way, who wouldn’t want to see that kind of growth?


Rebecca Glasscock

Ru is loving brining back this OG season one girls. First with the original winner, Bebe, and then the season ten finale crossover. Why not take that oppertunity to do so again? With a bit of a controvesial run on season one, why not bring someone in who isn’t afraid to shake things up a little?



Are there queens missing you would love to see? Also, from my list, who will be the first queen to be eliminated?

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