Booking Ahead – Fast Pass Plus

Next up in the planning process would be booking your FastPass+ selections. FastPass+ is Disney’s way of beating some of the queues which are a service included in the price of your ticket. Something you will definitely want to be using when you see how high some of the ride times can go.



Booking Passes

Now there are a few different things to consider when it comes to fast passes if you are staying on site, as in one of the Disney hotels you get to book your rides a whole 60 days ahead of time. If you are offsite, this is reduced down to only 30 days. If you stay at a deluxe resort, you have the option of purchasing an additional three (3) passes a day and can book these up to 90 days in advance.


When your day to book comes around, here in the U.K., you can start booking them at 12 noon. I would check around the times that daylight savings changes in the USA and clocks change here in the U.K. You can reserve up to three passes for one park per day. So you can’t book one pass for the Magic Kingdom, one for Epcot and one for the Animal Kingdom. Also what you need to watch out for is that Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios operate a tiered system. You can only book one ride in a tier one and the rest of your rides from the other level.


From as far as I have been able to research the tiers go as follows:


Hollywood Studios- Alien Swirling Saucers, Slinky Dog Dash, Toy Story Mania

Epcot – Frozen Ever After, Soarin’, Test Track, Illuminations: Reflections of Light, Epcot Character Spot

Animal Kingdom – – Flight of Passage, Na’vi River Journey


Your Unlimited Fast Pass

After you have used all your passes for the day you get a rolling 4th one to use for the remainder of the day. This can be for any park, any ride. The best thing to do is keep checking the MDE (MY Disney Experience) app or use the kiosks used throughout the parks. There is an ongoing argument about which is better between some Disney World experts. Some say the booths some say the app. Personally, I like the app for ease, but if I pass a kiosk, I will give it a try.


Top Tip: When booking your fast passes, start from the end of your trip and work backwards! Most of the rides you want may have no availability earlier on, but later…it may. If you don’t get the rides you are looking for, keep an eye peeled for some more of my top tips coming out soon.

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