It Has Been a Minute

Have you every blinked and six months of your life have gone by and you never really noticed? That has what has seemed to have happened to me. Between work, the number of times I head to the gym in the week and having a personal life that goes up and down, I am ashamed to admit that once again, my poor little blog has gone unloved.

No more though!

As the year draws to a close, I am looking forward to the next. 2019 is a big year. It is finally Disney year for me. Also quickly as we change our calendars, I will be booking all my ADRs for the trip, the additional experiences that are planned and really ramping up the Disney fun. I think this is partly why the blog has gone a little dusty…there hasn’t been much to post regarding booking the trip.

There are a few things I have been thinking of though, I have an Instagram just for the blog. I am also saving up for a new laptop to potentially, possibly, maaaaaaaybe vlog my trip. That I am not 100% sure on yet though. I don’t want to potentially ruin the trip by only thinking about filming plus there is the whole issue of putting myself into a bit of the public eye when I am also a teacher. There is a lot to think on and mull over for the next few months.

As always, I can’t wait to bring you all with me.

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