The Trials and Tribulations of Sparkie Mark

Well, it is that time of year. The time when everyone looks back to the year, we have had to set goals for the year ahead. We have all been guilty of this one thing at one point in our lives, New Year’s Resolutions. Once again I fall guilty to this practice. However, this year I am not just aiming for one thing, but 12. One for each month of the year or to follow in the trials of Hercules (come on, I had to get a Disney link in somehow, didn’t I?) Below and in a very, very public way I set out the goals for myself in 2019.

(Trigger warning: This is a very me / I centred post. So, consider yourself warned)

1) Blog More!

I am guilty, oh so very guilty of letting some dust gather here. Life got in the way, as it does for us all, I just couldn’t seem to get back on track with everything, and my poor little blog had to suffer.

2) Get Social Media Savvy

I’m just not using all the platforms out there as well as I could be. I hope I could be on to something great here, but just need to shamelessly promote it more.

3) Keep My Fitness Journey Going

Since August, I’ve lost around 3 stone, that’s about 42 for my American friends. While I know I won’t be able to do that again as quick, I do plan to keep the journey to the best possible me going. I have the most amazing instructors and gym buddies to keep me going. Thank you all for a fantastic 2018 and hope 2019 is just as amazing.

4) Get My Mental Fitness Journey Started

We can’t escape it. Everyone is stressed out. Everyone is doing too much. I’m going to do a little something every day that promotes my mental wellbeing, be it getting to that gym class I just can’t be bothered with that day, a meditation, some yoga or even a little face mask! Every day I am going to do a little something for me.

5) Be More Open

For the longest time, for a multitude of reasons, I’ve always felt like I have had to hide a part of myself. I think that has closed me off from being as friendly or open as I can be quick with people as I am when I get to know someone.

6) Read More

I am the worst right now for trying to get any non-work related reading done. So every Sunday, before bed I am going to try and set aside a little time for me to read things I want to, that I will enjoy.

My favourite book this year that was also made into one of my now favourite movies.

7) Drink More Water

Being an addict to all things fizzy, I am starting to notice the signs that maybe, just maybe, it isn’t for me anymore. So bring on all the dilutant juice! Sparkie Mark is going, where he can, fizz free in 2019.

8) Cut Back The Junk Food

I also am a bit of a crisps / snacking fan. That too is going this coming year.

9) Take More Photos

How often do I come back from somewhere or a night out with friends and wish I took more pictures? Often! I know there is something to be said for living in the moment and enjoying, but when you have a poor memory like I do, that moment is gone. Some photographic evidence of events would be helpful.

Camera and possibly vlogging set up for 2019?

10) Say Yes More

10 and 11 kind of link together. I’ve never been one to take chances, much like with the upcoming Disney trip, I need to plan everything out. I need to be a bit more spontaneous.

11) Forgive Myself

If you know me outside of this little blogging / Disney sphere, you will know I am my most prominent critic and biggest doubter. In 2019 I need to learn to let go of all of this, the worry, the doubt…it isn’t helping a thing. This is a big one, and while I don’t plan on having achieved it all this time next year, I do hope to have made a lot of steps in the right direction.

12) Give Up Alcohol (Mostly)

And finally, and most likely the biggest one. Giving up alcohol except for holidays. I would say all year, but, I have Disney drinks to review for everyone. And nothing is going to stop me trying a Magical Star Cocktail.  Going most of the year other than those three weeks can’t be all that bad, can it? It isn’t that alcohol has been an issue for me, far from, I just think to help complete the previous eleven this has to be a part of it. For my health and fitness goals and productivity goals.

And that is the list! Do you give yourself a challenge or resolution for the New Year? If so, post it in the comments below.

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