Looking Forward To…

This year is a big year for Sparkie Mark. Coming up is the reason the blog was started, Disney, and over the coming few weeks I hope to share with everyone what I am looking forward to most, from rides to dining experiences, shows and more! To start this little “Looking Forward To” blog series, I want to share ten things I am looking forward to the most overall.

10) The first view of the castle.

Is there anything better than your first view of such an icon? Be it your first visit or one hundred and first visit it is the sight that welcomes most people home. I serve this as a warning to those who are coming with me, be prepared for me to cry, a lot when I see this for the first time.

9) The hotel.

This year being able to stay on property is something I am very much looking forward to. The hotel will have just been fully renovated and all new areas open. Add to this the transport availability and the benefits of staying on property that will be covered later.

8) The first ride.

It may sound strange, but the first ride I want to do is the Tea Cups. This goes back to some of my favourite memories, but my mum and I will be going on this as a way to remember my gran who always used to come with us and come onto as many things as we could convince her to.

7) Being on the dining plan.

As we have booked with Disney, during the time when available, we got the dining plan included for “free”. So all our food needs are taken care of as part of the cost of the holiday. You know when the booking for ADRs comes up next week I am booking Be Our Guest as the first one. Expect a full report back on how delicious the “Grey Stuff” actually is.

6) Getting to the things I’ve missed.

Twenty-five visits to WDW doesn’t mean you have been to everything and did everything. Far from! I have yet to do Everest, Splash Mountain or Tower of Terror. All park staples, right? I’ve never had anyone who wanted to go on with me. Well that was when I was much younger (than I already am). Now, nothing is going to stop me.

5) Characters

Cliche, I know and not something many adults do or adult males for that matter! I am actually looking forward to getting my picture taken with some characters. Most of all Stitch and Gaston. I have a few ideas in mind for my Gaston picture.

4) The Shows

Nothing screams Disney to me more than the shows! One of the first will be The Festival of the Lion King. To quote one of my favourite YouTubers, Adam Hattan, hello tumble money baes!

3) Getting new pictures

It is one of the things that holds me back posting more, not having my own pictures and having to rely on the same old same or finding them from others. Now I will be able to take pictures until my hear and storage space on my blog are content!

2) Getting to the new things!

Since I was last there in 2015, there have been many new additions. Pandora being the main headliner. While I will miss the opening of Galaxy’s Edge by days (don’t, I’m still salty about this, planned the trip for the opening, it’s moved so much, now am missing it), there are still lots of things I get to do.

1)Experiencing Disney with Friends and Family

What else could this be? Note the matching backpacks for me and the bestie my mum picked up on her last sneaky visit a year ago. For some this is a regular visit, others the first time in forever and some first time visitors as well! The magic is calling.

So what does everyone look forward to the most when you visit the parks? Let me know in the comments or drop them across my social media channels!

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