So, as the world finds itself in a bit of an unprecedented situation, I find myself returning to my blog. Just call me the gay Carrie Bradshaw of the wannabe Disney bloggers. Being stuck in for, what is now, starting my third week of lockdown, I need to turn my attention to more creative endeavours. Home workouts and inhaling everything that isn’t nailed down like some deranged Kirby will only get you so far.

Getting back to work for me right now seems a distant goal. Working from home will only allow me to do so much, and there are only so many times I day I can lift what little heavy things I have just to put them back down. So, to avoid any more ‘snacksidents’ I vow to renew the lease of life that is!

But what can I do? The parks are close world wide. There is no news coming out. The world is collectively taking a pause. During this time then, I have decided to document my thoughts, feelings and general daily goings-on. A quarantine diary or quarandiary as it will. It is going to get me writing again every day, build a new routine, a new habit so that when things to get back to normal, I can be up and running with everything again.

Where do I currently stand on my next Disney trip then? Well, after finding my feet again last summer I am gearing up again to go in the summer of 2021. I am adding to it though, which I am very excited about. To the trip I am adding a Disney Cruise. Just a little night cruise since I don’t have the best sea legs yet, but it is very exciting. Also, I am awaiting the release of any 2021 packages. Checking the website each morning and again at midday is something I am now adding to my morning ritual.

There we have it then. The current plan going forward for here in a rather weak hope of revitalising my site for the 4th or possible 5th time. Wish me luck.

And to anyone out there reading this, stay safe, stay home and keep doing your bit to protect everyone. It is far from easy, but those (myself included) in the vulnerable groups thank you immensely.

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