Lockdown Log – April 26th

Well, that idea I had of blogging a lot went up in smoke, didn’t it? But do you know what? I forgive myself for that. Forgiveness is something I think I am taking forward during this lockdown. I’ve put on weight. So what? Everyone has. I’ll get back on plan tomorrow. I had an extra snack? That’s ok, I may have needed it. I’ll run an additional few steps the next day to make up for it. I missed doing an at-home workout? Ok, I’ll do it another day.


We haven’t been through anything like this before. It is all going to take a bit of time to get used to. New routines are getting made, broken, adapted and planned again. Like keeps getting batted about on the news (something I am trying to avoid as much as possible for now) is a new normal. It took us our lives up to when this started to get our routines, no one is expected to be perfect right away or get to some semblance of what we had. So I’m being kind to myself. I’ll get my shit back together, it is just going to take some time.


So, since the last blog to now. I’ve attempted a quarantine trim of my hair, sorry Peter. I have ordered myself MacBook Air to get me away from my desktop and out into the garden where possible to work and write. I know, I am in the fortunate position to have a garden just now, so I have been working to make it a more beautiful space and use it more.


My Lockdown Office Space


Some things I have noticed so far. Going for a walk early in the morning while listening to some podcasts works for me. Running is not my friend. Why should I keep on doing it then if it doesn’t make me happy? I can walk and burn the same calories in a good hours walk with some podcasts as I do in a half hours ‘run’ where I hate every single second of it and swear and mutter under my breath.


A bedtime routine is essential to me. The time I take to unwind, wash my face in my elaborate skincare routine sets me up for a good nights sleep. When that is off, I end up in just the worst mood the next day. So if I need to leave my Zoom call with my friends to do it, I’m going to start doing it. That routine, by the way, is how some of us are 32 and still get ID’d for alcohol on a good day. There have even been times I have been asked for ID when buying some non-alcoholic cider, but that is a topic for another blog.


I’m someone who needs to be productive/creative. No gym, no gym classes and working from home differently isn’t precisely scratching those itches. I have ideas to expand here when I get into a daily workflow of blogging, or at least the written stream of consciousness that is my brain right now.


So where I can, I am going to put up a daily blog. Maybe what I did the day before. Maybe what I’m feeling. Maybe something back to my original idea for this blog being Disney. If not, I’m not going to beat myself up. I am going to be kind to myself…so should you.


Take care, stay safe. Oh and drink more water!

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