Lockdown Log – April 27th

I’ve logged in to blog two days in a row. Go me! Achievement unlocked.


All that talk I had about routines yesterday went entirely out of the window. I pretty much fell asleep for the rest of the day and had a pretty horrible sleep because of it. One good thing about it though is that it gave me lots of time to watch Youtube videos about MacBooks. The reason mine suddenly made so much sense on why exactly it was taking so long became much clearer… there is a new one coming. All the people much more well versed on Apple than me suggested that a new MacBook Pro is going to be announced any day now. For a more significant bump in performance for not much more in the price? You better believe I cancelled that and will be waiting to see what happens. That would be just my luck that my new one arrives the same day they announce a better one. Not this time universe, you hear?!


I set myself a little fitness challenge to get myself to work and back in my hour’s government-sanctioned outdoor activity. I was just a little over today, an hour and four minutes. Please don’t send the police after me. However, it is a goal. Maybe tomorrow I will run a little bit. I hate running though, but I need something to get the heart rate going.


Also on the purchase front, Erin Condren released her new planners to her reward scheme members today. So naturally, I went #treatmaself and purchased some items. I may try and do a blog post about them when they come in. Or try a little Instagram live or something. That is another small project for now, getting my socials for the blog up and running again. I’m making more and more positive thoughts about starting a podcast again. I started looking at music yesterday for it again. Later tonight I am going to be trying to come up with some catchy names for it.


Once work is done for the day, I plan to get a little weights workout in. I got sent an at-home exercise from my fantastic PT, so going to give it a go.


That is all for now, take care, be safe and let me leave you with a Disney picture from my last trip.


Sweaty Castle Mess

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