Lockdown Log – April 28th

Productivity is key.


Well, at least for me it is. I find that my day goes by better when I keep myself busy. I, like many, am working from home. In my line of work, I’m used to being on my feet, rushing about, dealing with people all day. While I am still doing a version of that, it is in a way that no way comes close. It left me feeling a little guilty that I had time on my hands when I should be doing my job, and it has been a bit of a struggle to get through that headspace that things have changed for us all. So I decided to try and fill my day with as many productive things as possible. Rooms have never been cleaner, this blog is back up and while not running, at least taking its first tentative few steps while holding onto the couch again. Long story short, I am a person who is so used to being productive and taking that element away is what put me on the back foot a little.


That was until I started putting everything down on a list. A while ago, I got some Erin Condren petite daily planners to help with a particularly stressful time at work. It gave me clear actions to complete every day, allowing me to not get overwhelmed and get stuff done. I realised that this was still a form of stress and maybe I should try the same thing.

There you can see my planner with my daily routine at the side. Who doesn’t love checking off a task for even the most mundane things? I’m not quite at the stage of adding brushing my teeth to the list, but there is room! There are three sections, the top I leave for my major to do things outside of routine, a section for any thoughts or ideas that happen over the day and the blank section at the bottom for any additional things I have managed to do. I may have only been using this system again for a few days but it has been a complete game-changer for me. I feel partly back in control. The process of writing down what you need and want to do in itself is quite therapeutic, as much as giving them a little check when they are done.


Putting things this way is allowing me to expand what I think can be possible in a day. It is why I’ve added a new section to the site (I wonder I if you can go find it?) on a new project I am working on and am very excited about. Podcasting. I’ve always loved it, the creation, the production, the post-production. It will be something to fill the void for now, but I hope it is something that gets to continue on after and when routines go back to normal, or as normal as they can be.


So over the next few days, why don’t you try and write a daily list. See if it works for you. Then come back and let me know all about it. As always I leave you with a happy picture. Guess where it is and let me know in the comments. Stay safe, take care, wash your hands!


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