Lockdown Log – April 29th

Routine is king.

After saying about routine, I think the new routine may be sinking in. This morning I really didn’t want to go out my run/walk because the weather had changed, it was cold, it was raining and my bed was just far too comfortable after finally getting a decent nights sleep. Because I had written it in my planner though, you bet I went out and did it.


Although I think my planning system may be too efficient. I breezed through my to-do list by 9.20am. It has left today a bit…void. As I had mentioned the other day, I am a bit of a productive person, and this lack of productivity is starting to make my skin itch. There was a good picture going round a few days ago of a man hoovering his roof, I fear that might be me shortly. Thankfully I have my blog and upcoming podcast to continue to work on.


I continue to doubt my decision of cancelling my order for my Macbook. With the rumours of a new one coming imminently, then another refresh later in the year it is leaving my head in a spin. Going to wait until at least the WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) to see what they say and if any hints or announcements are made. Plus it gives me more time to save up for the upgrade to my initial plans. It will just be nice to get away from a PC with a big clunky RGB gaming keyboard for a more streamlined and less ‘clunky’ writing experience.


My question today is, what tasks are you adding to your day to keep yourself busy? I need some ideas and inspiration. Also, can you work out the Disney location from today’s featured blog image?

Take care, stay safe, wash your hands!

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