Lockdown Log – 30th April

Getting things done.

Well after doing an at-home leg day workout yesterday, my usual walk/jog was not on the cards today. I had to rest because my legs refused to work for most of the day. It did mean, though, I could get a lot done. So without further to do, let me introduce you to my next project: Spill the D.

I am getting back into podcasting! Why? Because one failed project isn’t enough, I need to turn my hand to more. I’ve always been into podcasting and making content, it is how I really got started on the internet back in the day (God I sound so old saying that). Different genres have been tried, but none really worked out. It wasn’t until the start of this time stuck inside that I even thought of it. Why did I never stick with my true passion?  D! Disney, get your mind out of the gutters, please. I don’t have many ins and outs yet of this D, as they are still being worked on, but it is something I am very excited about and haven’t been as excited about a project in a long time. Hopefully, Disney-minded friends will join me for this, but if they don’t I am up for doing some solo D and doing this on my own.

If you can’t tell already there are going to be so many double entendres around this while still making it as non-explicit as possible. There is only so much time I am going to invest in bleeping words out. I would rather the podcast go out raw and uncut. Will the jokes never cease to end? No.

So a quick post today, I’m off. I have an introduction to work on now that I have found some music I like.

Take care, stay safe, wash your hands and look out for the D (Spill the D) coming your way soon.

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