Lockdown Log – 3rd May

Back on track, kind of.


If you were here yesterday, you would have been introduced to Steve, the annoying voice in my (your/our) head(s) that decided to run amok. Safe to say that today he is on his way back to his cage that I will be getting an extra-strong padlock for.


We all have days like this, and it may take us a few days to get over it. I’m actually just surprised that it took so long for my first one to happen in all of this. How did I get over it? It goes back to my first Lockdown Log. I was kind to myself. No one else is responsible or going to pull me out of it, it is just me. While it is excellent to have people to talk to and should you be feeling it yourself and not pull yourself out, please, talk to someone.


For me, though, Steve is a little monster, he makes me doubt my interactions with others. So I knew that yesterday and more so today, I needed a little bit of time on my own, to do what I wanted. I am so fortunate and lucky enough to be at home with family, to have amazing friends to rely on and am still able to work from home, I know my privilege in all of this. There is a bit of a double-edged sword for this. However, I am always on the beck and call of others and haven’t been able to take my ‘me time’ as much as what I have come to require. The gym, as much as I complain about it, has been my ‘me time’.


When we get back to normal, be it a new normal or the old normal, I know I won’t be taking my gym time for granted again.


Tomorrow is Monday, the start of a new week. 7 more chances to get it right, or not. 7 more opportunities to start all over again. I know I will be back on schedule.


Take care, stay safe, wash your hands and guess the location in today’s featured image of the blog!


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