Lockdown Log – 5th May

Back on track…for now.

Today, I feel like I am back to the lockdown version of myself. I don’t feel like I can say my usual self, because he is someone who is on the move a lot more.

Today’s government-sanctioned exercise at lunchtime continued to work well today, although I think running two days in a row is a bit of a no go still. I think I am going to have to go to a day of “running” (read jogging a lamppost, walking one) to a day of walking. On my walking days though I do plan on being out for the full hour, not just the 30-something minutes it takes me to complete as near to a 5k as I can on my route.

Something I have been worried about though is my non-vigorous activity calorie burn. The regular burn you do in your day to day life. I am someone who is usually on my feet and walking about all day. Now my working from home, or as I am affectionately calling it, manning the help desk, leaves me sitting down waiting for things to happen and messages to come in.

In a stroke of personal genius and something I hope my personal trainer is proud of, is getting one of those under desk pedal exercisers. It means I can sit at my desk and still keep up some kind of movement as if I was on my feet all day. It offers nothing in the way of resistance and squeaks like an MF, but it was cheap, and it does the job.

Things seem to be on the up again mental health-wise, and with another forecast 3 weeks of this, before anything is considered lifted, I feel much more able, willing and equipped to deal with what is to come.

How are you though? What strategies are you using to keep going?

Take care, stay safe, wash your hands and stay sparkie! (Stay sparkie, I’m trying it as my sign off now, yes I know it should be sparky, but that’s not my nickname or the name of the site!)

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