Lockdown Log – 6th May

In the swing of things.

The weather here in Scotland is really helping this, isn’t it? Again, checking my privilege in all of this, I have been able to go a walk, spend some time reading in the garden, a home workout and generally enjoying the space at home. My allergies, on the other hand, haven’t.

Today seemed to be the day that everyone was out cutting their grass. There is just something about grass pollen, or at least, the smell that really sets me off. I am now currently sitting inside, tissues and decongestants nearby to get me through the next few hours.

Technology front, I have really struggled with a less than reliable internet connection. Today I took delivery of some power over Ethernet equipment and cables that, for now, have seemed to have solved my problem. I’m back on a positive attitude about the podcast, I’m reaching out to some tech-savvy friends who may be interested in a remote lockdown recording version. If it comes to it, I may go ahead and start recording myself. It would be nice to get three episodes under my belt before publishing to get picked up by the feed catchers.

Overall today has been one of my more positive days. I remembered to turn my fitness tracker on before a home weights workout to track it correctly. Today was leg day, so I am thankful I can sit down for the next little while. I must always insist on adding something daft to try. Why do I do this to myself?

Disney music continues to be a source of inspiration and relaxation for me. I am finding a lot of parks music loops on YouTube to play in the background while I do things. Getting an Amazon Echo yesterday was definitely a good purchase. An excellent little speaker to sit beside me, play some music and keep me going. I should add a review of it when I figure out all of its features and make good use of it.

What is keeping you going just now? How are you incorporating Disney into your day?

Stay safe friends, wash your hands, keep sparkie and see you real soon! (Another new idea for a sign off)

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