Lockdown Log – 7th May

When you start running out of things to say…

Something I am now becoming concerned about is a lull. Today, I feel I don’t have much to talk about. That I should consider trying to vary things up a little. Still write every day to get myself into the habit of it, but something more meaningful and engaging. I may at least continue with a nothing much here type of post and begin working on a weekly more significant post to do with Disney or something.

Behind the scenes, I am still working on the podcast and getting the format down, getting what I am calling the “flow documents.” The show I want to be unscripted for the most part, friends chilling out, talking about what they love. If that fails or stalls though, I want a backup to be there or for if/when someone new joins or takes over for a week.

New podcasts are always clunky. It takes them a while to find their feet. You can do it for a while with your best friends, but it is a new way of talking, a new way of having to think about how you annunciate during the recording. A bit more thinking, some planning and preparation.

Another project is currently in the air and on its way, my Erin Condren Life planners. I should get a few pictures of that when it comes in to share with you all.

Like that, when I thought I had nothing to write about, there go a few paragraphs. Stay safe, wash your hands and keep sparkie!

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