Lockdown Log – 9th May

Oops, I missed a day.

It was bound to happen at one point, and feeling very under the weather is a good reason to. Today isn’t fairing much better, but I am at least up and out of bed (for now).

Today’s log will be quite short that bed is calling to me again. It is incredible how, during a situation like this, the sheer thought of feeling unwell sends you to thinking about the worst and allowing those around you to feel the same. A sore stomach and a general feeling of unease are all that is wrong, but I am currently locking myself away, just in case. It is stress. The stress is bubbling over. The continued uncertainty. The fact everyone has an opinion on my non-blogging job and when they feel it is safe to go back. The justifications how I should be allowed to without PPE despite being in a public-facing role.

It boils down to feeling powerless (and like a test subject for the wider country). I hope in the next few days things get spelt out more clearly for everyone. So those without my degree or working knowledge of my environment can stop commenting and develop a sense of peace with the situation as well.

Regular blogging will hopefully continue again tomorrow. At least today gave me some time to sit with a pen and paper and come up with happier, more Disney focused, ideas.

Stay safe, keep calm, wash your hands and take care.

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