Getting Productive Again

I finally got my MacBook, so no excuses.

It’s so pretty; I want to cry! I finally have my productivity machine. It is all loaded up with what I think I need for now and over the next few days I will be working to put it through its places and set it up to be my true one-stop-shop for my blogging and podcasting needs.

What I do need to learn first is how to sort out all of my photos. There have been a few excellent videos on Youtube that will help me with that. Also then I need to start looking at Garage Band or iMovie to bring together podcast editing. So far, I like the interface of iMovie for editing and am working if it could be used to edit a podcast; otherwise, it is going to be a long process learning Garage Band.

First impressions, though, the laptop itself is very well built, an excellent sized and quality screen, the keyboard is fantastic. My fingers fly across this and am typing at a rapid pace. The webcam though leaves a lot to be desired; it is only 720p and a very grainy one at that. I was very impressed with the quality of the speakers and how loud they are. Having seen a few reviews where people haven’t been as impressed, I would need to disagree with them respectfully.

For now, then, I am going to head off, get more acquainted with my new machine and work on revitalising the blog and my creative projects.

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