Why I am Postponing My Disney Trip?

A big decision in light of the worldwide pandemic.

For those that know me, I am Disney mad and live for my trips to Walt Disney World. I long for that first feeling of returning home when you head through those magic gates in Orlando. To me, nothing can compare to that feeling of excitement, satisfaction and familiarity.

Disney Gates
Those magic gates

With the current worldwide pandemic, many plans are paused, cancelled, and people all over struggling. In a way, I am lucky enough to be writing about this as a “hashtag first world problem.” This is a Disney blog though first and foremost, and, it would be tone-deaf to try and get my Disney content going again without mentioning this.

At the time of writing, Disney parks are beginning to open up again with a series of restrictions and guidance put in place. Reservations and Fast Passes, cancelled. Masks required at all times other than rest areas set up to help with the Florida heat. Queue lines modified to allow for social distancing. Smaller guest capacity. No character meetings. Reservations required even to attend the park. Temperature checks. All much needed to keep people safe and stop the spread. It makes me question though, for someone like me, who travels a distance, spends a lot to get there, is it worth it? For the foreseeable, the magic is going to be somewhat, dulled.

Do I really want to be in winding socially distant queues, in the heat, with no fast passes? Do I want potentially limited menus? Do I want to be an asthmatic having to walk about in the Florida heat with a mask on at all times? Do I want to turn up somewhere and be turned away because a queue is at maximum capacity?

So a decision was taken, my 2021 trip is has been pushed back. It is a little gutting, but all in all for the best. We already had a few things booked, and Disney was brilliant at letting us cancel and very understanding. It does leave it to be booked at some point in the future. Why at some point? Those that know me know I am a planner. I like dates, firm plans and actionable to-do lists. It all boils down to uncertainty. Uncertainty of where we will be next year. Uncertainty of what measures will be in place. To be there in 2022, we usually book around April of 2021 when deals will come out. Will we be in a place we would be happy? I’m asthmatic, in a higher risk group. I don’t want the magic to risk my health. Just because those around me are doing everything correctly, my country is trying its best to deal with it all, doesn’t mean everyone or every country will be as well.

Another factor I am working into my plans is the number of rebookings that will be happening for next year. Everyone who would go at my usual time of year will want to be going next year. Again, dulling the magic along with everything listed above. It all becomes a cascade of reasons why a trip in the somewhat near future doesn’t make sense.

What are the plans though? When things begin to calm, or some global vaccine becomes available, I will look again. And oh boy what a trip that will be. Both North American parks in a single trip. More time to save up and consider a deluxe hotel, on both coasts. More behind the scenes trips. More time to get picture ready and compete with Gaston in a pushup challenge. All in all, it will be a safer, happier, more magical trip that will end up bringing more content to the blog.

Who knows, maybe by that time there will be a chance for a vlog or two as well?

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