Here He Goes (Again)

Well, another new year is looking and once again, Mark decides to make his blog a focus.

Every year I have made this, I have failed, miserably. I bought myself a fancy new MacBook to do it, still nothing. I made Disney my focus for content, but it is already such an over saturated market to gain any kind of voice. Lockdown stopped any type of reviews I wanted to do in my local area. F’ Covid, right?

I just subbed my site ahead for another two years. So, from now until March, I am going to sit down every Sunday and write something. I don’t know what, but I think that is going to be the only kind of way I can find out what I want to write about. I’ll write about something that is on my mind, something I have been thinking about. Anything. I’ll take suggestions.

Writing is a passion, it is something that brings me focus and lets me clear my mind. It is why I do a weekly planner/journal. It helps keep all my thoughts together.

So, until Sunday… I have to think about something that ISN’T a new years bloody resolution list. I am not making firm plans for 2021 until I at least see a trailer or brief synopsis of the year head.

Much love and kindness,

Mark 🙂

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