A Return to Disney

(and blogging)

On restart number 74 it seems for the blog. I ain’t gonna lie, lockdown this time around has been rough. That mixed with being quite unwell for a while, I need to make this a priority going forward.

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

This is especially because, with ever increasing optimism, my return to Disney is confirmed for April 2022. The cruise is back on the agenda and all going well a trip to Walt Disney World as well. I was quite disheartened that I would possibly be missing the 50th celebrations. All going well I will get to see that castle during the celebrations, finally get to Galaxy’s Edge after missing it by weeks the last time.

The plan so far:

  • Fly out a few days before the cruise.
  • Enjoy some time at Disney Springs
  • 4 Night Caribbean Cruise
  • Back up to Walt Disney World
  • Get to the Magic Kingdom
  • Get to Galaxy’s Edge (at least twice)
  • Get my lightsaber – finally
  • Reluctantly head home and start planning for 2023 and the big dual coast Disney park trip.
You will find me in Trader Sam’s again, trying all the drinks I missed the last time.

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