Business, PR and Personal Enquiries

For all enquiries, please email mark@sparkiemark.com


Sponsor Posts and Samples

Sparkie Mark is happy to receive offers of samples for review, this, however, does not guarantee a review. Reviews of products and/or services are at the discretion of myself. Only those that fit with the blog, its theme and brand will be used.  All reviews will be unbiased. In short, all reviews that are seen on this page are honest to myself and my opinion.

Sparkie Mark is always open to working with known and personally loved brands. Should this be of any interest to you, please get in touch using the email above.


Events and Experiences

I have been incredibly lucky to receive invitations to events and experiences that would typically involve a cost. Should such events or experiences be blogged about, these will clearly be marked at the bottom of each post.


Affiliate Links

Sparkie Mark does use some affiliate links in its post. These are usually from product reviews that will include Amazon links which will come at the end of the review.



Sparkie Mark uses Ad Words as through the WordPress blogging platform. There is no control over which ads appear on the page. Should you wish to advertise yourself, please get in touch using the email above.



Thank you so much for reading all the way to the bottom of these disclaimers. It is essential to be as a blogger and a person to be as honest and transparent as possible so that you know you are getting my honest opinion.